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by boat3545 on August 15, 2012

So you’re ready to upgrade the electronics on your boat but you’re stuck with all the holes in your dash from the old instruments. You need a clean slate on your dash to cover up all those holes but how are you going to do it? We’ve got the perfect solution! It’s our Helm Electronics Storage Box!

With all those holes to cover up, one of the best features of the Helm Electronics Storage Box is it can be custom made to fit the cut-out on your boat.

helm electronics storage box online

You begin by building your custom Helm Electronics Box by selecting the size you want. If you’re using your cut-out size as the measurement you want to add 1.75” to the length and the width. (Because the frame will overlap 7/8” all the way around your cutout). This will give you the outside dimensions of the unit. You will also see the size of your cut-out and the pass-through dimensions displayed in blue text above the measurements so you can double check everything. The door on the electronics storage box can be clear acrylic, tinted acrylic, black acrylic or King Starboard.

helm electronics storage box

The door is hinged with either two stainless steel heavy duty friction hinges or two take-a-part hinges so you can remove the door when you’re running or when you need unobstructed access to the instruments. Using the friction hinges allows the door to be held open without the use of gas shocks. It includes a locking push-button latch and an integrated weather resistant seal. After you choose your color click on Get Price and then Add to Cart and in no time you will have your new custom Helm Electronics Storage Box!

Here’s a look at a complete electronics storage box. As you can see, your instruments or switches can be easily installed by removing the back panel. The removable panel also allows for easy access to wiring and for maintenance. To cut the holes for your switches and instruments you will need nothing more than standard wood working tools.

helm electronics storage box installation


Here are some pictures of our Helm Electronics Storage Box installed on a customer’s boat.

helm electronics storage box on boat

As you can see, this customer selected the removable hinge option for his electronics storage box.

helm electronics storage box with removable door

He also selected the black acrylic door so that when the boat is in the marina the electronics are hidden from plain view.

helm electronics storage box on boat secure door

If you have any questions about the Helm Electronics Storage Box we’re here to help, just give us a call!

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